The Head Trauma Support Project, Inc. (HTSP) began over 35 years ago as families of adults with acquired brain injury (ABI) united to support one another throughout the journey. ABI may result from a traumatic brain injury (e.g., an insult to the brain by external physical force) or a nontraumatic brain injury (e.g., strokes, tumors, infectious diseases, etc).  At the time, no Sacramento area resources existed to help this population or their families adjust to life after an ABI.

Over the years, HTSP expanded to include all those living with ABI including adults with ABI, significant others, families and friends, caregivers, as well as medical and rehabilitation professionals.  HTSP brings people together with a common goal of promoting a better understanding of living well after ABI, strengthening social networks, increasing life participation and enhancing quality of life.  HTSP empowers individuals to improve their potential and lead fuller lives.

Through weekly group meetings, family members gain peer support while participating in a variety of social activities including group discussions and educational experiences. The family support groups are facilitated by licensed and credentialed professionals.  Adults with ABI participate in supportive group activities that are facilitated by trained student and community volunteers.

HTSP provides free services to all those living with ABI who are from Sacramento and surrounding areas including Yolo, Placer, El Dorado, and San Joaquin counties.

The HTSP Mission Statement:

Primary: To provide a supportive social group experience for all those living with acquired brain injury (ABI) by promoting and strengthening social networks, increasing life participation, reducing barriers to participation and enhancing quality of life.

Secondary:  To provide volunteers with comprehensive training in acquired brain injury, acquire compassionate understanding of the holistic impact for those living with brain injury, and an experiential learning opportunity in communication and social interaction.

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