Meet Our Members


Aaron has been a member at HTSP for roughly 2 and a half years! One of his favorite parts about HTSP is having the opportunity to socialize with many people every Thursday evening! Aaron loves the variety of activities planned at HTSP, but his absolute favorite is playing UNO. 🧩🎲 During Aaron’s free time he loves going to the movies and says he goes to the movies at least once a week. 🍿📽 He also really enjoys spending time on his computer and explained that he grew up around a computer, making him fairly tech-savvy. One of his biggest accomplishments is earning two bachelor degrees from Sacramento State 👨🏻‍🎓 He earned his first bachelor’s degree in business marketing, then immediately decided to continue his education and earn a second degree in history. Lastly, Aaron explained that he always likes to surround himself with humorous, intelligent, and dedicated individuals. Therefore, HTSP is a great place to be.
Thank you for all the compassion and warmth you bring to the HTSP family, Aaron!


Junior has been a member at HTSP for nearly 10 years! Some of his favorite parts about HTSP include all the different activities, meeting new people, and socializing with other members and volunteers. He especially likes the wide variety of activities planned at HTSP and loves that there is always something new to do. During Junior’s free time he loves to travel. Junior enjoys traveling on his own and exploring different countries. He also spends a lot of his time doing yard work which he explained keeps him quite busy. One of his biggest accomplishments is being able to do what he really enjoys which is to travel the world! Junior describes himself as outgoing, welcoming, and understanding.
Thank you for all the laughter and smiles you bring to HTSP, Junior!


George has been a member at HTSP for an astounding 36 years!!! He loves countless things about HTSP, especially being able to socialize with all members and volunteers. George’s interests include drag boat racing and flying planes! George is especially thankful that he is able to fly even after his accident. Drag boat racing was also a hobby that he loved to do! One of George’s biggest accomplishments was being recognized in the 2019 hall of fame for drag boat racing! If you were to ask George to describe himself he would say he’s a perfectionist, farfetched, and extreme. George believes that no one should ever give up because if you have that mindset, you’ll lose! Always remember to persist and continue toward your dreams!
HTSP is lucky to have you George!


Erich has been a member at HTSP for roughly 3 years and loves the sense of community that it gives all members. He also enjoys all the art activities that take place at HTSP. During Erich’s free time he especially loves going camping. Some of Erich’s hobbies include watching exciting movies and doing ju jitsu! One of Erich’s biggest accomplishments so far was becoming a Marine!
Thank you for all the happiness and warmth you bring to HTSP, Erich!
HTSP is thankful to have you apart of our community!


Mike has been a member of HTSP for roughly 4 years now! He loves many things about HTSP including the wide variety of activities, seeing familiar faces, and meeting new members! Mike also explained that he enjoys socializing with volunteers because they’re always kind. He also finds some of the activities done at HTSP very useful for those who have a traumatic brain injury.
Mike grew up in California and as a child dreamt of becoming a professional basketball player. He played basketball from 5th grade through his junior year of high school! Now, he simply enjoys cheering on the Sacramento Kings! He’s been to many of their games and knows he will attend more in the future.
During his free time, Mike enjoys walking his dog, reading, and being outdoors. He is currently reading a biography but is open to reading anything that seems interesting! Mike loves being surrounded by all the beauties of nature. He especially likes being around lakes or the ocean. Some of his favorite places to visit are Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, or Carmel. A few years have passed since his last visit to Lake Tahoe but he hopes to visit any of his favorite places soon!
Mike expressed that he inspires himself everyday. He inspires himself to be persistent and to keep going even when things become challenging. Mike describes himself as tenacious, caring, and hopeful. Even when things may become difficult, Mike always reminds himself to “treat others the way you want to be treated”!
Thank you for all the happiness you bring to the HTSP family, Mike!


Andrew has been a member of HTSP for several years and loves many parts of the Supportive Social Group for Adults with ABI. He looks forward to socializing with other people and knows he will always have fun when he’s there!
During Andrew’s free time he enjoys bicycling and filming! Sometimes he likes to change things up and ride his bike on new trails within the Sacramento area. When he spends time filming, it’s usually of nature or of his own personal experiences. Some of Andrew’s favorite places to visit are different rivers in Sacramento, especially during Summer! When Andrew gets the chance to visit a local river, he spends his time fishing with friends or family. 
Andrew also works at PetSmart! At work, he is responsible for restocking goods, feeding animals, and cleaning cages or tanks. This job is fitting for him because he finds it relaxing and enjoys being around animals.
Andrew describes himself as inspiring, hopeful, and positive! Some of Andrew’s biggest accomplishments are relearning how to talk, walk on his own, and work after his accident!!! Andrew’s dad is one of his biggest motivations. He explained that his dad motivates him to continue being a better person. Andrew also motivates himself to continue working as hard as he does!
Thank you for all the positivity you bring to HTSP, Andrew! We are all thankful to have you apart of the lifelong memories we make!


Rachelle has been a member of HTSP for about three years now. She loves many things about HTSP, but her favorite activity so far has been Karaoke Night!
During her free time, she enjoys traveling. When she was in the military, she had the opportunity to travel to many places, including England, Italy, Canada, and Hawaii. Rachelle has a long list of family members who served in the military, so it’s no wonder she too joined and served eight years in the air force.
One day she dreams of having a husband and creating a family to share all her experiences with. Besides traveling, Rachelle loves to fly and skydive and dreams of one day being able to go back to Hawaii, travel to each island, and skydive in Maui!
When she’s not traveling, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Humphrey and Harlee who she adopted when they were just puppies. She also loves to watch Mystery or Romance movies and her favorite type of music is country. One day she hopes to attend a Brett Young concert.
Rachelle describes herself as charming, educated, and funny! HTSP wouldn’t be the same without her fun-loving and outgoing attitude. We are thankful to have you as a part of our family.


We would like to congratulate our member of the month for July, Tony!!!
Tony has been a member at HTSP since November 2018. Tony loves many things about HTSP. One of Tony’s favorite activities at HTSP was karaoke night because he loves all kinds of music (as long as it has a good beat to it).
Tony grew up in Sacramento and as a kid he dreamed of becoming a professional football player. He was really good at every sport he played. He loved playing football because he could take his aggressions out on the field. His favorite NFL team is the Denver Broncos. He especially loves the former quarterback Peyton Manning.
During Tony’s free time he enjoys volunteering at Sutter Hospital in the Women’s & Children’s Center. He has been volunteering there for the past 16 years. He loves volunteering there because he gets to socialize and work on his cognitive skills. He won the Sutter Hospital Volunteer of the Year Award in 2019!
One of Tony’s biggest accomplishments is raising his daughter. She saved his life and made him grow up faster. Something new Tony would like to do is go to schools and talk about his story. He wants to talk about his accident and show others that after having an accident, one can still be productive. He wants to tell them to not let obstacles stand in the way of living your life. A saying Tony lives by is “keep moving forward.” He wants everyone to live there life to the fullest, no matter what.
Thank you for being your motivational and compassionate self, Tony! The HTSP family is thankful to have you!


Matt has been a member at HTSP for quite some time now. He became a member not too long after his accident in 1998! Matt loves many things about HTSP, especially that it is like a big family without any judgments. He also said that the atmosphere is always welcoming, making it easy to connect with members and volunteers. One of Matt’s favorite activities at HTSP was karaoke night! He had an amazing time singing the night away!
Matt has many different favorite foods, movies, and sports. Out of all the choices though, his favorite dessert is key lime pie and his favorite food is pizza. Matt enjoys watching comedy movies, and one of his favorites is Casa Blanca. He also loves baseball and basketball. His favorite baseball team is the Atlantic Braves and his favorite basketball team is Oklahoma City Thunder. Matt has yet to see either team play but hopes to one day!
During Matt’s free time he enjoys putting together puzzles, bowling, and free writing. Matt likes putting together many types of puzzles, and when he’s finished he glues it all together to keep! Matt also began bowling over 40 years ago and has joined a bowling team since then. When he gets the time to free write, he usually writes anything about his feelings or life experiences. Matt also spends his time volunteering at a local library. Along with volunteering at a library, he will also occasionally volunteer at a nearby church!
One of Matt’s biggest accomplishments in receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from California State University, Monterrey. Matt chose to go to college in Monterrey to be able to experience living in a completely new place! It was an exciting change and he enjoyed being there! What makes Matt the happiest is having each and every day. Also, it makes him happy to know that he has loving friends and family. Matt is grateful is to be alive and likes living every day to the fullest. Thank you for being your genuine and compassionate self, Matt! The HTSP family is thankful to have you!


Ray is one of HTSP’s newest members and has been a member for about 2 months! Ray’s favorite thing about HTSP is getting to meet a lot of new people. He especially likes that other members he meets have experienced or are experiencing similar things he is. Ray’s biggest accomplishment is being able walk again!!! He describes himself as a determined, hard working, and self confident person. 
Ray grew up in California and has lived here for nearly his entire life. However, for a year and a half he lived in Arizona to go to a trade school! At this school he learned a lot of new and interesting things about motorcycle mechanics. When Ray has free time he always loves working on his Harley Davidson. He currently has one Harley Davidson but this is the third one he has ever owned! Ray also enjoys spending time in the mountains and outdoors. He always looks forward to camping, fishing, or even bicycling! When he isn’t outdoors, one activity that makes him the happiest is riding his motorcycle! He’s happy either riding by himself or with other friends.
This year Ray would love the opportunity to visit a state he hasn’t been too. He has traveled to Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona but would like to possibly visit one of the southern states! Ray also hopes that one day he will be able to travel outside of the country. This way he could meet a lot of new people and learn how life is different compared to America!
Thank you for bringing your kindness to HTSP Ray! We are lucky to have you apart of our family!


Jessica has been a member of HTSP for roughly one whole year! She looks forward to seeing familiar faces along with another member of HTSP, Jacob. Of all the countless activities she’s been apart of at HTSP, one of her favorites was karaoke night! She was able to sing along with other members and create lasting memories! 
During Jessica’s free time she loves playing games. These games can be anything from board games to games on her phone. Jessica loves many different games, but her absolute favorite is Uno! She also enjoys watching movies. Jessica especially loves Harry Potter movies and has watched the entire series! Of all the Harry Potter movies, The Chamber of Secrets is her top choice. Jessica is also a big fan of the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians and if she could have one wish she would wish to be the daughter of Poseidon. This way she would then be able to control water like some of those in the movie! Jessica also has a total of 7 pets!!! She has a snake, a chameleon, a turtle, a dog, and 3 cats! One of her very first pets was a cat but she has had many more since then. 
Jessica’s favorite place to visit is San Francisco. She has been there a few times before and when she does get the chance to go she loves crossing the Golden Gate Bridge! However, of all the places she could travel to she would choose Paris! She’s heard that it’s the city of love and that interests her into going. Not only would she be able to experience the city but she would also like to meet new people there!
Thank you for being you, Jessica! Your friendly personality and warm smile bring joy to our HTSP family! 


Chris has been a member at HTSP for about 3 years. His favorite thing about HTSP is that everyone is friendly. He always enjoys the arts and crafts activities to express his creative side! During Chris’s free time he enjoys drawing. Chris has completed countless pieces of art and is currently working on a drawing of a lotus flower. Along with drawing in his free time he also works for his family’s business. Chris loves many types of food but sushi is definitely a favorite! One of his greatest accomplishments is completing college courses. He has taken classes related to graphic design and painting! If Chris could have one superpower it would be to fly. With the ability to fly he would be able to visit more family and save money from flight tickets!
Chris is most grateful for his parents because they are supportive and always there or him. Chris’s motivation is from wanting to be the best he can for his son. A personal motto Chris tries to live by is, “You live once, so try everything”. 
Thank you for being you Chris and HTSP is thankful to have you!


Heather has been a member at HTSP since September 2017. When Heather isn’t at HTSP you can find her at her full-time job as a database programmer or putting together puzzles. She also enjoys going to movies with friends and traveling to new places. Heather has been to countless states across the country such as Illinois, Virginia, Alabama, Colorado, and many more! Heather’s favorite food is asparagus. She loves that it’s tasty year round and tastes even better after baking it with olive oil and sea salt. Her favorite place to visit is New Orleans. Even though she has only been there once she is already looking forward to the next trip! 
What motivates Heather is to be the best person she can be. One of her biggest accomplishments is having been at her job for the last 12 years! Heather’s job requires a lot of skill and she is happy to work at a place that suits her so well! Heather is most grateful for her stable job, loving cat, car, and home. 
You are very loved Heather and we are lucky to have you apart of our HTSP family! 


Jason has been a member of HTSP for roughly six years and brings positive energy to all weekly meetings that he attends. Volunteers and members recognize Jason as being an individual who is always willing to lend a helping hand. 
During Jason’s free time he stays very active. He enjoys golfing, bowling, and is apart of an adult softball team! He also loves movies, especially the Star Wars series. One of Jason’s favorite things to do is spend time with his friends and family. Some of Jason’s greatest achievements consist of graduating from California State University, Sacramento and meeting his wife. 
Jason’s favorite part of HTSP is that it feels like a family and everyone is so supportive of each other.
You are amazing Jason! HTSP is lucky to have you a part of our family!


When Mark is not at HTSP, bringing laughter and smiles to the volunteers and fellow members, he can be found hanging out with his nieces or watching and supporting the Sacramento Kings. If you ever find yourself running into Marc on the street, you better have a cheesecake in hand because that is his all-time favorite treat! While interviewing Marc, he made sure to also mention to his fans that he is the president of the Adam Sandler Club, and in another life, he IS Adam Sandler. Since becoming a member at HTSP, about 10 years ago, Marc has shared some very amazing accomplishments. He is just two classes away at California State University, Sacramento from getting his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Way to go Marc! We are so proud of you! Keep inspiring everyone around you! 


Anthony is an outstanding member who not only brings empathy, support, and laughter to the other members but also spends his time outside of HTSP helping others at Sutter Hospital. Anthony wanted to volunteer at Sutter to make friends and connections, which is why he also loves HTSP so much because of all the meaningful relationships he has made with the members and volunteers! After Anthony’s accident, he was told that he would never be able to walk again, but after six months of determination and support from his family, he is walking again, beating all odds and barriers that were in his way! Anthony is a true TBI Warrior!