About Brain Injury

What is a Brain Injury?

Brain injury is an insult to the brain causing damage. Because each injury can affect a different part of the brain, every brain injury is unique. Acquired brain injury may result from a traumatic brain injury (e.g., an insult to the brain by external physical force) or a nontraumatic brain injury (e.g., strokes, tumors, infectious diseases, etc).

What are some of the after effects of brain injury?

They include:

  • Cognitive impairment such as difficulty with attention, concentration and memory; slowed thinking; speech and language impairments; reduced spatial skills; poor judgment and poor planning.
  • Physical impairments such as seizures, muscle spasticity or paralysis, poor coordination, fatigue, vision or hearing changes, loss of smell and taste, and headaches.
  • Emotional and behavioral changes such as anxiety, depression, anger, agitation, impulsivity, loss of inhibition, self-centeredness, misperception of others, and poor self-awareness.

How Can We Help?

The Head Trauma Support Project (HTSP) is dedicated to providing resources, information and support to adults with acquired brain injury and caregivers. We welcome you to call our resource line, attend our meetings, and become involved.